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BT DNS problem - unable to access Router page




Over the weekedn I stopped being able payday loans to access webpages (although email / skype still worked).  I called BT tech support who said there had been changes to a DNS server, so he gave me a set of DNS server addresses, and told me to use those.  That solved the problem (I can now access web pages again), but now I cannot access my router page (  The BT tech guy said that might be a problem, but that he would raise a ticket and hopefully someone would fix the DNS server on their side.

That still hasnt happened.


My problem is that part of the fix involved hard reset to the router, which means I now have no wireless.  I cant access the router page to re-enable wireless because of the DNS problem.

My question - is there any other way to access the router home page directly (by plugging in a cable or doing something else) ?




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A DNS problem wouldn't stop you from accessing the router GUI, DNS is used to translate a friendly name ( to an IP address ( If you're using to try and access the GUI then you're bypassing DNS completely, therefore not affected by any DNS problems... though I am curious what changes to a DNS server he's referring to...


When you connect via DHCP to the router, you're automatically assigned as your DNS and in turn the router obtains 2 actual DNS servers from ourselves. When the agent applied DNS servers, was this on your computers network settings? Can you try typing into your address bar and see if that brings up the router page?

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You need to make sure that the I address on your PC is within the same subnet. I'm assuming that its /24, so your IP must be - 253

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Also make sure taht your workstation is DHCP mode and you have got a your router local IP address. Also ping your router gateway. If you got so i think you can access you router GUI.