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BT Fibre/Infinity - Guide to using your own router

Power User

I've successfully used my own router with BT Infinity for business and figured I'd post this to help anyone who might want to do the same.


The OpenReach VDSL modem that BT supply must be used and (at the moment) can not be replaced with an alternative.

However, the router that is connected to the modem can be.


Any 'cable' type router should work fine (i.e. the ones that are normally used with Virgin's Cable based connections).

In my case I'm using a Linksys/Cisco E3000.


All that needs to be done is firstly, before you're switched over from ADSL, you need to know your username & password.

The username is usually something like:

Obviously with all the x's as numbers.


Your password will be the one you selected when signing up.


Secondly, on the router you will be using, you need to set the connection type to PPPoE. Set the username value to the one above, and the password value to the password you selected.


That's it!



Currently there is only one manufacturer who makes an integrated VDSL modem/router, but this isn't easily available (or reasonably priced), plus BT won't support for those looking for an 'all in one' solution like you may have had for ADSL, you're out of luck for now.





We are currently in the process of changing over from ADSL Max service to BT FTTC service.  We discussed at length before taking up the offer from BT that we need to connect our own cisco router to the FTTC service.


We have a Cisco 887 VA-M VDSL router.


Does anyone have a working config for the VDSL connection. We will have 5 static IP's as part of the service. We run a seperate Firewall and network services box and many services that will traverse the firewall.


Many thanks



Hi buddy, I'm pretty new to the forum....

A bit of a silly question, actually are you connecting your router directly to your wall socket?

If so the Nighthawk is only a router & needs a modem. 



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