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BT Fibre/Infinity - Guide to using your own router

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I've successfully used my own router with BT Infinity for business and figured I'd post this to help anyone who might want to do the same.


The OpenReach VDSL modem that BT supply must be used and (at the moment) can not be replaced with an alternative.

However, the router that is connected to the modem can be.


Any 'cable' type router should work fine (i.e. the ones that are normally used with Virgin's Cable based connections).

In my case I'm using a Linksys/Cisco E3000.


All that needs to be done is firstly, before you're switched over from ADSL, you need to know your username & password.

The username is usually something like:

Obviously with all the x's as numbers.


Your password will be the one you selected when signing up.


Secondly, on the router you will be using, you need to set the connection type to PPPoE. Set the username value to the one above, and the password value to the password you selected.


That's it!



Currently there is only one manufacturer who makes an integrated VDSL modem/router, but this isn't easily available (or reasonably priced), plus BT won't support for those looking for an 'all in one' solution like you may have had for ADSL, you're out of luck for now.



The 2750 plugs directly into the BT socket. The 2920 (which we also use) plugs into the BT modem and uses PPoE to connect.


I would say the 2920 is a better device (and more expensive) - it can handle up to 32 VPN's. We also use the 2930 - this has the added facility of VPN trunking using muliple WAN ports.

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Thanks, I don't have a need for 32 VPNs so if that is the main difference I may just go for the 2750VN.  I would like to try the VOIP.

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I bought a Vigot 2750vn for the added VOIP functions.  The hardware was pretty good and a lot of options and details.  It kept disconnecting and losing the WAN at least once an hour or sometimes more.  After a week of flashing with new firmware and resetting settings I gave up.  Draytek support was not great, they didn't know that their own ftp server they kept sending me to required login details.  After managing to download the 1.5.1 firmware it did not help any more, it added a few more options though.


Broadbandbuyer luckily have agreed to return and give a refund.

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Has anyone tried the Cisco Linksys E4200 router?  I have only ever used Netgear and there seem to be a lot of issues with the newish range of routers, I was tempted with the Belkins but a look at their forums does not inspire confidence.


How do I set the connection type to PPPoE ?


You also say "Set the username value to the one above" But I do not see you quote any value above?


Any help greatly appreciated.


What router are you using depends on how you set it up.


Give us info on the router make and model and if anyone on the forum can help they will.


CheersSmiley Wink


I have bt business infinity and currently have the usual bt 2701 router but have just ordered a linksys e3000 as i have been getting slow web pages since being set up on infinity with bt's router and modem. Are there any replacement modems which are better than Bt's open reach modem

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I dont't think the router is the reason of slow loading of webpages. Even with the minimal speed of wifi, it would still let your browser load fast regardless of how bad your router is. 


It maybe just the browser or the PC itself. Have you done tests in speedtest. net? 






Have you got any knowledge of setting up fibre using the netgear UTM-10 as the router, I also have 5 static IP addresses and would like to know if you had the knowledge of setting this beast up?


Many thanks,




I'm interested in using the UTM150 myself so I would be interested to hear your experience.


We use a Vigor 3510 at the moment which isn't quite stable enough for my tastes but does work fine with the BT fixed IP's


Previously we had a Netgear FVX538 that didn't work properly with the BT fixed IPs'