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BT INTERNET not working for 8 months still no closer to fixing,? Can't find how to complain!

To whom it may concern,

I write to you at my wits end and so much so I have burst into tears on the phone to BT today and would very much appreciate your prompt response and help on the matter which I will try my best to outline below.

We moved to our flat in December 2013 and quickly set up BT Internet as both need internet access for work and social reasons. This was set up and we were happy with the initial service we had received. However I'm sure you will be able to see from your records that this has since changed from February.

Since February our service has been appalling. Every single day and usually more than once and for hours at a time our internet will drop and we have a orange flashing light appear on our broadband box. After doing all of the at home tests nothing works and we have to wait patently until it works again. Like I previously said this happens EVERY DAY! Often we will get home from work with important assignments to complete and we are unable to.

This fault as you can see is ONGOING. we have rung BT too many times to count and waited for sometimes an hour or more on hold. When we finally get through the most infuriating part of the call is asking us if we have turned it on and off? Seriously do they not think we have tried this? This fault has NEVER been permanently fixed and it reoccurs almost straight away. We have had one engineer out who apparently fixed it but again this is not he case. And we therefore ring back BT a few days later after being on hold to tell them this.

After asking for some kind of compensation for an expensive service we have not being able to use since February we have been offered £16 - that is disgusting and insulting in itself. We are told that our case has been closed - how can a case be closed when 2 days later or less we ring back to say we are experiencing the same problems and are unable to use the service we are paying for. That is ridiculous. If we ring back with THE SAME fault surely it is the SAME CASE?!

We are both hardworking people who do not have the time to be on the phone to BT often on hold for an hour at a time to tell them the problem is happening still. Surely as a service you are providing this should be monitored are you should be seeing if our problems are fixed. If we are unable to take your phone call it is because we are working not because we are ignoring your calls as you can see from the amount of times we have rung you we definitely want this fixed!

To reiterate our internet is still not working. Apparently I am getting a phone call tomorrow between 4-6 however we have had many a time where we have been promised a phone call and this never materialises so i will not hold my breath.

I look forward to your response regarding the points I have raised and specifically:
1) Internet still not working - drops every day
2) compensation for a service we haven't been able to use properly since February £16 - for 8 months is laughable

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP

Kind regards

Grand Guru

Hi Vk76,


I have sent you a private message, if you can respond to this I will be to look into this for you.








If BT have not fixed/will not fix the issue, and you can get documented proof of both records of calls to BT and of the issues with your service then you are in your legal right to cancel the contract (make sure to cancel the direct debits from your bank)


I'm in a bit of a legal tussle with BT myself at the moment due to packet loss and the refusal to replace the line without charging me £200 "by the hour" to put a new line in, sadly I haven't the time to gather the proof as it is an intermittent fault but your issue sounds very clear cut and easy to get proof.


You need to read through your contract and see what it says about garanteed service/sla. If BT have not abided by their end of the contract then the contract is by all legal definitions null and void. With someone like BT though you'll need to make sure you have proof otherwise it's a "your word against theirs" situation. If they refuse to close your account then let them run it through to a debt collection company and then show the debt collection company both your contract and the proof that BT have voided the contract. This is assuming you don't have the time or money to hire a lawyer to sort it.