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BT Infinity to Draytek 2820




im having a few issues with my BT infinity connection into my currently installed Draytek Vigor 2820


previously i had it installed as a failover on the WAN 2 to which it reported as being connected. when the WAN 1 ADSL was dropped/cancelled, WAN2i still reported as being connected but there was no connection to the web


DHCP is being taken care of by the Draytek


is there any way to resolve this or preferably, set the Infinity to be used as the WAN1 connection?


thanks in advance for your help



We're experiencing the same issue with this completely new RV320.

Usually from a reboot, the machine states WAN1 is connected/inactive, and cannot really go any kind of site visitors between the WAN as well as the LAN. Disabling the particular WAN1 slot after which it re-enabling seems like to resolve the challenge. The reboot will still only at times resolve the idea.

Were utilizing WAN1 solely, that link to a new Cisco DPC3825 wire modem/router that is with link function.