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BT MAIL (The new release - September 16th)


I am currently unable to access any email from two accounts - and following the release of the "new and improved" BT mail overnight. I can , however, access all eshop information and update the website etc. Whilst this may not be the right forum for such problems I'd really appreciate if someone would do something as I've spent the last 5 hours getting nowhere. I suspect that the problem may be associated with a mobile telephone (validation) number but may be wrong. No one answers the phone, any help that I request on line is answered at the very email address that I can't access. Any help appreciated. Chris McGranaghan - Those Old Records. As you won't get me on email (or BT Mail) I can be contacted on 07795 548242.


Grand Guru

Hi there thoseoldrecords,


I am afraid you have posted on the wrong forum, as email addresses are on our home/residential email servers.


If you go to you will be able to post your question on the home/residential forum.



I hope this helps.