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BT Versatility Auto Attendant Problem


BT Versatility system with one analog line - worked fine for years.


The customer wanted Auto Attendant setting up which is working well EXCEPT - according to the manual if, say, Accounts doesn't pick up after 30 seconds the call should be treated as a normal incoming call which in our case means being sent to group one and ringing all phones.  However this doesn't happen - the Accounts phone just rings until the caller hangs up and the call is missed.


I can't see that the behaviour is configurable so I don't think it's miss-configured.  It feels like a bug but presumably I'm just missing something.


Note they don't use and redirects, hunt groups or voicemail (we would have liked to use the system voicemail but it's not compatable with the auto attendant).


Pressing 3 and 4 both direct to the same extension but I can't beleive that is upsetting it?


Any help appreciated - I am not a phone engineer but the customer trusts me and is keen that I sort it.