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Phone Line Cut Off Whilst in Discussions with BT

I have had the same landline number for my business for probably close on 40 years.   A couple of years back, when asking to do some work on our system, we were told that BT no longer supported that equipment and we'd need to upgrade.   Our business has gone from being a £1.2m - £1.5m pa down, over the years, to less than £100,000.   No-one's fault, just massive changes in technology but clearly, as I now work from home, we have no need for the breadth of facilities that we have previously had.


Naivety, stupidity, recklessness  -  whatever you want to call it but we signed a new contract with BT two years ago for services, excluding the actual equipment, which cost us close on £600pq of which approximately £50-70 is for call charges.   For the last four quarters, I have struggled to pay this and, each time, I have spoken with Billing who trot out the standard phrasing;  the contract lasts until 2019  -  no help at all and I have managed to scrape it together.


The last one came through in August and, once again, I spoke to Billing and finally, lo and behold, someone who wanted to help  -  I only wish to God that I had taken her name.    Anyway, she was going to talk with her supervisors and see what BT could offer.    She then rang back a couple of weeks later to say that they'd had the discussions and a letter was on its way out to me.


As BT have never been exactly prompt (unless trying to sell you something) the fact that the letter hadn't arrived didn't worry me too much . . until today when I find out that they have cancelled my line and contract and goodness only knows what else and I have been cut off.   Ring my number and the recorded message says 'you have dialled an incorrect number'.


Quite how, after 40 years on the same number, they would now expect me to continue to trade and consequently pay either their outstanding or future revised bills is beyond me.    They have effectively closed me down and this whilst I have been doing what we're constantly told to do;  speak to your suppliers.   


What's the point?    When you're a multi billion pound company, the little guy really doesn't matter, does he?    You'd have to lose an awful lot of little accounts to make a dent in the CEO's bonus wouldn't you.


Sorry it's a bit long winded but some sort of response from BT would be hugely appreciated.