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BT Versatility Music on Hold With Auto Attendant / Hunt Groups


Hi All.


We have our 5 line Versatility system set up so that the auto attendant answers all calls and we have a 'Press 1 for sales, 2 for after sales' etc menu. When the user chooses an option they are passed through to one of two hunt groups.


This works brilliantly, with just one issue... Any queued callers hear a constant ringing rather than on-hold music. 


As an example, if two operators are signed in to the Sales hunt group, and are on calls and a third caller chooses the Sales hunt group they are queued. This is correct, but the issue is that the caller hears constant ringing when we'd rather that they hear the built in on-hold music.


Becaause the caller hears a constant ringing they assume that there's a handset in the office ringing off the hook and being ignored by our staff. So quite often when they reach the front of the queue they can be irate!


Does anybody know if this can be set up or is this just a limitation of the versatility system? Any help appreciated!





This could be to do with hunt group working. The BT Versatility built in music on hold is limited, if someone calls in on your main number and is put on hold they hear the music, but once transferred to a different hunt group, they dont. You can purchase a lead and an external MOH module that should do the trick, but bear in mind these items are no longer sold as new, new stocks are running low, so you may find you have to buy reconditioned parts.




Thanks for your reply. I had a reply back from a support query that I raised with BT Support overnight, and they've said that this can't be done.


They've suggested that we have them update the system so that if all operators are busy it diverts to voicemail, but that is not what we want at all... far from it!


Thanks again.