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BTB 6 Hub and Network Switch issues


Hi All,


New member, looking for some guidance or re-assurance.


We recently were upgraded from a BT 5 Hub to a shiney new BTB 6 Hub. Since installation we have had a few issues which now getting out of hand.


The first issue was our VoiP phone (BT supplied), it was working perfectly on the 5 but as soon as we installed the 6 it would not connect. We eventually resolved by reducing the length of the ethernet cable would you believe! 


On our network we have 24 ports wired in to three offices and a workshop. These were already fitted when we moved into the premises in 2016. BT were signed up, and we took delivery of the 5 Hub, connected that to a TP Link Switch (TL-SF1024D) and all was well. We didn't connect all the sockets to the switch as they weren't necessary. 


After the 6 upgrade we had the issue with the VoiP phone and one desktop decided it would have an IP configuration issue and so was no longer used. Two docking stations also had intermittent connectivity issues so we have now ended up with 14 devices connected but only 3 are wired.


Today I attempted to fit a Swann CCTV DVR which can be connected to our network so it can email us alerts and it can be accessed remotely. Here's where the fun starts. I connected it up, entered email details etc. Clicked on test email - error "Network is unreachable or DNS settings incorrect". I opened up the BT Hub manager and the device wasn't showing on the network.


I then moved the device to the router and connected it directly and there it was. But as soon as I connect it to the port in the office it doesn't show. The activity lights are working on both the switch and DVR.


Am I missing something? Is there a known incompatability with the Hub and our switch? Has anyone else suffered with this?


Any answers will be gratefully received.