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Basic Admin - Complete Farce!


BT have sent out a router and correspondence for a new broadband connection through my business. Unfortunately they have the installation address down incorrectly. The result is a little old lady miles away from my home  received my router and following correspondence.


I thought a simple call to BT this morning would be able to sort this clerical error. That was not the case. I actually spoke to six different people over the course of an hour and no one could help me. Just as I was to be transferred to the seventh person I explained I could not waste any more time trying to correct such a simple issue.


Could one of the moderators please tell me if there is any easier way to change an address ie an email or the provision to do it online. I really cannot handle speaking to BT over the phone anymore without medication!


PS We finally got our low speed broadband (280kbps) sorted last month. I spent many hours on the phone (at least six hours), I had to rip up the concrete in my yard, install a new line, pay for new broadband, disconnect the old connection and I now have superfast broadband at last -1.9- 2.2 meg!! Ha Ha Ha









Grand Guru

Hi Guy,


I am sorry you have had a problem getting your details updated, If you send me a PM (private message) with your details of what they were and what they need to be, I will get your account updated for you. To send a PM click on my username and you will see an option to send me a private message.