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Broadband speed total rubbish!!!


Having had BT infinity 2 for the past 3 months, I can confirm that BT is MIS SELLING this prduct with impunity.  I have used the BT wholesale speed test and inputting my phone number and postcode indicates thay the speed I can expect is in the region of 76-80 mbs.  There is also a caveat that advises, at my distance from the cabinet, my expected speed will be between 2-4mbs below the speed indicated. This is in stark contrast to the actual speed I am getting wihich is around 2-4mbs on a great day. This sort of mis-selling needs to stop as i am sure i am not alone in this.  In truth, the ONLY way anyone will get 76-80mbs is if they happen to live NEXT DOOR to a cabinet. Open reach have made many sharp intakes of breath when visiting my home to advise me that I will not get the speed quoted.  So if this is the case, why is it that on line today Dec 16th at 14:25, I am once again advised on the superfast cornwall site,  that my speed should between 76-80mb. Its a joke!    


Grand Guru

That sounds like a line fault.  If your only getting 2mb but should be getting more then I'd suggest you keep raising it with the helpdesk.