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Btconnect mail from pop to imap to sync on multiple devices

Hello, does anyone know how I migrate my email address to imap, so that I can sync it on more than 1 device. I've googled lots but I can't work out how to do it. My account works separately on both devices but the inability to synchronise is frustrating. My server settings are pop.outlook as incoming server and smtp.outlook for outgoing. Any help much appreciated.

Grand Guru

Hi Harricat,


I am afarid email address cannot be upgarded to IMAP, they can only be used as POP email accounts.


If you require an IMAP email address you can order Office365 for small business which will give you an exchange mailbox with IMAP funtionality, but this product cannot be used with an email address, it has to be used with a domain name for domain name email addresses.





The question would appear to be 'Why so?' 

Surely imap is the default setting for business (large or small) users across multiple access points?

I've been using btconnect mail for seven years, and it's a continuing problem.

Moving over to a 365 address means considerable upheaval, informing several hundred customers, suppliers, website and account logins etc. Is BT so impervious to the needs of its smaller customers...? Or are they so busy buying mobile networks they have lost sight of the basics?