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Setting up 3rd party email to be carried by BT - what to do with MX code info please?




Situation is.


1.  This only concerns emails - my own website is hosted by my 3rd party domain owner and I don't need this to change.


2.  I don't want to handle my emails online - ulitmately I want to handle everything through MS Outlook on my own desktop PC


3.  I use BT business broadband to handle my internet access.  Outlook will currently handle my incoming emails sent TO my 3rd email address, but won't send


4.  I know this is because settings need to be changed - at the BT end of things and, I have been told by the BT help chap, by my 3rd party domain provider.


5.  At this moment in time I have received 2 BT emails - one about if I want to use my 3rd party domain as the primary domain for a BT Business hosting package then I need to send the 3rd party data to change an A Record - I have this data - however, I am not interested in doing this - my website is hosted by the 3rd party and I am quite happy with this - so I don't think I need to do this - yes?


6.  The second email contains 2 complicated MX strings of information the first is to 'validate my ownership of the domain'.  The second is to "redirect all your email to your new service".  The help screens imply that I have to log into manage my services at BT go to 'manage my domain name' and click "Manage".  "Manage" doesn't appear on my screen.  I also don't want to manage my domain with BT I only want them to handle my 3rd party mails.  So can someone please tell me what I do with this MX code information - do I have to send this to my 3rd party domain provider please and do I need to do something with both bits of it?


Any info would be gratefully received


Grand Guru



as your domain website is with 3rd party you do not need to change the A record, but as for email, you need to give the MX record details to your domain registrar so that they can change them to point to BT and away from them , once you have done this y ou can then log back into the BT systems and validate the domain/email address so that BT will handle your email via our smart hosting servers.