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Business hub issues




I'm a BT Business Broadband customer, and I have been having long-term issues with this service since signing up a year ago.


Firstly, after much-ado, my first BT Business Hub turned out to be faulty, and was replaced by BT. The existing and same two long-term issues we have with BT Business are that our speeds fluctuate severely on a weekly basis. We can go from 6MB/s to 2MB/s in one week! The second issue we have is that if one computer is downloading, then the other computers cannot access the internet until the download is complete.


It seems that this 'Business' router is incapable of sharing the bandwidth! We were previously BT Home Hub customers and found the Home Hub to be very good - but this Business service is inferior.We switched to Business Broadband after being told that it would be a better service.


I strongly suspect that this all down to the router, but of course can never be too sure. Our sync speed has dropped from our normal IP-profile, and seems to be stuck on this lower sync speed (it has been two weeks and no increase). It would be great to just have a normal stable speedy broadband connection that doesn't hog all of the bandwidth if one pc is downloading!


What do we do next? If someone could advise as to how to escalate/fix these issues, I would be truly grateful.


(Buy a new/better router and invoice BT for the cost?)


Thank you,



Power User

Personally I'd buy a reasonably priced ADSL modem/router and try that out...or perhaps borrow one from someone?


There is clearly a problem, chocolatetrees.  A "slipping" IP profile suggests that you are having line stability issues, these would need to be investigated.  Start with your own internal wiring.  Make sure that:

No other equipment is connecteed to the phone line

Connect the Hub to the Test socket, if present (this is behind the faceplate on a standard phone socket)

No telephone extension cables are used

You may not notice the disconnections but it seems likely that this is your problem, the broadband line is dropping connection often enough for BT wholesale's systems to detect a fault.  In these circumstances, the line's profile will be lowered until it's stable.


Failing all of that, contact the helpdesk: Contact Us


Grand Master

The bandwidth sharing problem is a well known quirk of the Business hubs wifi and there is nothing that can be done short of swapping to a different router. If admin here could provide a link for generic configuration / setup information for non BT hubs using thier broadband service it would save others a lot of time.


In fairness most business users have a cable network setup for speed and security however with the rise of wifi becoming more popular ALL BT issue hubs are in dire need of some improvements.

This setup info may of changed, it's been a while since I did a swap


Password: bt

VPI: 0     VCI: 38

ATM Encapsulation: Routed VC-Mx

ATM PVC Search: Enable

Connection Type: PPPoA UK Jobs Scanner