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Business hub3 unreliable wifi


One of my customers has had a new ADSL2+ line installed with a Business Hub3 provided.


This customer is an auction house and a few days per month this new ADSL line is used for live on-line bidding, and this is achieved with two laptop PC's connected via WiFi to the new line/Hub3.


The past three sales have had very unreliable connectivity, and I looked into this for the most recent sale and we alleviated the problem with one of the machines by connecting to wired ethernet.


Running pingplotter whilst on WiFi, even whist the line was almost idle, errors were being logged even from hop1 (the Hub3), yet whilst connected to the ethernet there were no errors logged at all. Router stats were also clean.


The issue is definitely not with the laptops as these are used at lots of client locations by the live auction company rep with various wifi AP's (including some clients who have BH3's) with no issue, therefore it must be a problem with either the config or the hardware of the BH3.


Checking the config, it was set to WPA/WPA2, auto channel and b/g/n - I changed this to WPA2 only, channel 6 and b/g but made no difference. Running a wifi scanner (wifi explorer on a MAC) showed no interfering networks.


How do I go about advising my client to get their BH3 swapped out as they are totally ignorant about anything to do with either their internal network or their ADSL services? Can they just contact BT business faults and get someone to visit to swap the BH3 out and reconfigure it?