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Call Divert Costs


Hi, getting charged £30-£40 a month in divert call charges from my BT landline to my O2 mobile any 

options other than having a BT mobile which I dont want as in contract with O2 for another 16 months


Power User

You could try and see if BT would give you a better deal.  If not I would suggest changing suppliers.



The cost of the diverted call goes against your landline. See my post in calls and lines. Each call diverted to your mobile will cost you a minimum (as far as I can see) of £0.28. Irrespective of whether you take the call. If it goes to Voicemail or goes to unavaialble the charge will remain.


You could take a call package that includes free land to mobile minutes but check that it includes diverted calls.


Or you could port your landline NUMBER to a VoIP provider with lower divert call rates. So calls will go to a voip phone or your mobile according to preference. But if that landline number is also carrying your Broadband you will need to recontract your broadband and end up with a second landline number.


hope this helps