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Recurring fault, line needs replacing, being ignored


Rural business, located about a mile from the exchange.  There is a fault on the line which happens regularly 3 or 4 times a year, usually when it's slightly more windy or wet than usual.  This has been going on for over 20 years, OpenReach come (eventually) to 'patch up' the line, it works for a while, then the fault happens again. 


To cut a very long story short, BT proposed replacing the line from the exchange to the property, as this would be the only way to ensure the fault is actually fixed.  OpenReach refused to do this earlier this year and the fault reoccured on Wednesday.


For welfare reasons, and business reasons, it's essential that the line is working asap but BT / OpenReach are once again forgetting to call me back with updates and being generally unhelpful.


Any advice regarding how to go about actually getting the line replaced would be welcomed.  Until that happens we won't receive the service we're actually paying BT for.




Grand Guru

Hi lowrob,


I am sorry to see you are having problems with your line.  If you can send me a private message with the phone number of the faulty line, I can speak to our Business telephony faults to see what is happening for you.






Hello lowrob,


We have a similar issue, though the fault occurs much more frequently (3 times in the past couple of weeks).  We are at the end of a rural line and everytime the BT Openreach engineers visit to 'fix' the problem, they say the only way to properly rectify the issue would be to replace the line, however, the company do not see that as the most economic solution and would prefer to send a engineer out time and time again to provide a temporary fix.


I wondered if you had had any success in raising your issue with BT on this forum?  If so, who would you recommend we contact?