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Call Diverts



Im new to the forum and have checked if there were any answered questions regarding my query but was unable to find any so here it goes.


I wanted to get a number that belong to a company that went under but the number did not belong to the exchange of my office premises so I had to get it connected to one of my other shops in the exchange that it was in. The line is now installed and working fine but i want to pick up those calls from my office premises without obviously incurring high charges.


the number being diverted belongs to my company along with the number it will be diverted too. both under the same one bill account. Can someone please inform me of the best and the cheapest way this can be done.


Thanks in advance





You can diverts your calls to another numbers by using your mobile.

You can do so if you are getting problem on your number for that you have

to go to your settings and select call option and divert call where you want to 

divert your all voice calls.


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