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Caller Display issue


We have a featureline system but recently where we saw the phone number from the USA the system no longer shows the number but instead shows international or unavailable. Why would this system suddenly stop on featureline but not conventional lines?



Hi Chauffeur,




I suspect what has happened is a change to how the calls are being routed from the US into our network.


The International Gateway where a call enters the UK should set an International Indicator in the signalling that shows that the call originated outside the UK. If this indicator is set then BT’s local exchanges will send "International" to Caller Display units and not a number. BT’s International Gateways do set this indicator but we know that some other CP’s International Gateways do not, hence calls coming to BT via their gateways will show the calling number and not "International".


Hence if the call routing has changed, which is the decision of the sending network (and could be a day by day, hour by hour or call by call decision), then what is seen on Caller Display could change.


More detailed investigation could be carried out on this if details of the times and called numbers were provided to us – but this would take some time.



BT Forum Moderator



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