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FTTP broadband and cloud voice to be installed and activated on 10th December 2020. 

Broadband installed OK, cloud voice didn't work - customers got ringing phone, but office phone showed no activity.

Contacted BT on 11th December. Merry go round of orders, activations, non-activations. Number wasn't taken over correctly and received another bill form my previous broadband company. Throughout Christmas and January customers callling my number received the message 'this number is not taking incoming calls'. I think that says 'this business has closed due to the pandemic' to potential customers.  

Promised it would be working on 27th January (after endless calls). Wasn't - no explanation of why. Promised it would be the 1st February. Still not working. It's not been activated - heard this many times. 

When I speak to cancellations, they can't do anything as there is an open order on my account - refer me back to could voice team. 

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The message when you call BT that they are doing everything to help during the pandemic is a lie. I am self-employed in a small business and rely on the phone. BT provide stock answers to all enquires, that are read off scripts. They don't care. This is almost 8 weeks without a business phone and they still can't do something which should be an everyday taks for them.

If anyone has advice on where to complain I'd appreciate it. The say they will address my complaint when the service is fixed, but I think that may never happen. 

If you are considering BT Business Could Voice please don't  - it's not worth it. On paper it's an excellent idea, but they can't deliver.