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Complete lack of cohesion


Has anyone noticed how BT services and in paticular their online account systems are a complete crock?  I have to ask, does anyone oversee them in their entirety because it looks too me like different departments do things in different ways and set different rules.


Case in point, I just set up a BT account with a password that I entered twice in the registration part.  Then when I get the "confirm your email address" email it won't log-in because the password is wrong.  The only way this is possible is filter that has somehow filtered my original password that I entrered twice and thus entering it now it won't accept it because it is wrong.


Then there is the first level support.  None of these people have even a slight clue what they are doing.  My customer is getting emails to legitimate customers of his rejected by various ISP's but mostly Microsoft (, hotmail, etc) and BT first line support claim that it is the Third Party domain host set-up that is to blame.  I am the third party domain host and this is utter rubbish.  I have checked and checked again and it is the BT system that is causing these emails to be rejected by the receiving server.  A BT IP address, either the non-static / dynamic IP address of my customer or a mystery intermediat address owned by NONE OTHER than BT.