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Connecting into Fibre optice cable to the premises, workmen are with the cable outside now!

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Hi BT,


Engineers are working outside my house and are placing fibre optic cable down. We were wondering is it possible to connect into the fibre optic cable to our premises while they are working on it outside our house on the road, we also are willing to pay to get the cable too our house


The postcode to our house is DE13 9PB.


Can you please come back to me ASAP as they are right outside with the cable now.






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The service may take a while for this to be available in your place. Be patient. 🙂


Hi Stu,


If only it were that simple.  Just because the cable is running past you it doesn't mean it's anything to do with your area.


And no you can't just plug something straight into it and get Internet.  Doesn't work like that.


Best idea is to use the BT Wholesale Checker:


That'll give you the currently available tech on your line, and an estimated date for upgrade if one is coming up.


Other than that you'll just have to wait.  Or set up as an ISP that could then tap into the local fibre network and sell it on to your neighbours.  And yes someone actually did that.




Dave A