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Consistent broadband



i have been with bt for years and the worst thing i have done is swtich to bt business broadband...

from day one they messed it up by giving me two different accounts and then completely turning it off....but after a month it was sorted and fine...then as soon as i renewed mt 12 month contract problems again...

having 4 engineers out and all saying its nothing with my equipment...its our side...maybe 50+ calls to bt help lines...i have had 1 month of full service and now i am back to no broadband.

every weekend off on a sunday night then nothing til thursday/friday...then off again...

this has been happening for about 2 months now....

i even bought another router as the operator told me the bt bussiness hubs have a problem, so £200 later and i get told its nothing to do with the hub....!!!!!!

i am now using my neighbours broadband who is on a residential line with no problems and a better speed ( work that one out)

so i phone up today and being told they will send another engineer out on friday to look at it...

how am i to run an internet based business with no braodband ...

are bt going to pay my mortgage for loss of earnings when my business goes to the wall


please help.

do i have a good enough case to be released from my contract , so i can sign up to another supplier..or is there some way to get this sorted asap.


a very upset customer.



You can contact BT directly if you want to close your account with them. Though I guess there is always a bond that you need to finish before the could release you from their service. Better clear that up with them just to be sure.

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BT Partner



Sent you a PM.



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Well from my experience I can say, lucky you. You seem at least to have a working phone line at least.

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For ending your contract I can tell you that this cost me several hundred Pounds and BT still wanted more.

And the best thing was they ended my contract a month premature and refused to switch it back on.

I got told I can not get my old contract back and have to take out a new one. So I got an email telling me

I am switched back on in a weeks time. When nothing happened I phoned in. Just to be told I am gonna

getting my line switched on in another months time. So they left me for more than a month without

a phone line and broadband. How does that sound?


So be warned if you try that. Make everything waterproof beforehand and document anything and



Towards your connection problem:

What does your Bitloading look like? Are you loosing the DSL line or the internet connection?

I had the exact same problem as well, got filters fitted and what not. Nothing helped.

Only when I insisted to have the equipment in the exchange checked they told me they had

checked it already many times but would swap the card just for the peace of mind.

And guess what. No problems at all after that.

Took me three different engineers and many visits to my site.

I am pretty certain doing that earlier could have saved them and me a lot of hassle.