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Customer SSL Certificate


I think it would be a good idea if BT offered customers the option of purchasing their own SSL certificate so that their URL always shows in the address bar rather than moving to the btowstore address on secure pages.


If this is not possible is it possible to do something so that the btowstore url only appears on the checkout but then goes back to being when a customer goes back to the site after checkout.


I have noticed a lot of btowstore addressed pages are appearing higher in google than the equivalent own domains. When I am searching for products as a buyer it does put me off a little bit when it is not the own domain url showing in a search result and as a business it is off putting from a brand promotion and maintenance point of view. 


Thanks very much for your suggestion! As a result of your post, we are now looking into whether we can provide this service for our customers.
Message Edited by CharlotteBT on 22-10-2009 03:19 PM