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Improve EasySiteWizard


EasySiteWizard is a nightmare to work with.


The program is so clunky and non-userfriendly. Frequently the program will not change font/font size/colour/alignment etc, currently it won't save and publish any changes to my website. 


If you look at the HTML that ESW produces it is so complex - no wonder it is full of bugs. Why can't a company as big as BT get a proper

web editing program that works. If you don't believe me, look at the comments on the support forums about problems with the programs.



Hi UniteBA,

I referred your comments to my colleagues in web services. See their response below. They’ve asked a few questions. Could you reply via a Private Message to myself  and I can pass on the details.





Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the EasySiteWizard. We’d like to ensure you’re using the newest version of the EasySiteWizard – can you confirm which link you use when you access the BT Website Centre and select the site builders tab? Are you selecting “EasySiteWizard 6.0” or “EasySiteWizard Pro”? 

BT is focusing all efforts on improving the EasySiteWizard Pro product, which is the newer of the two products. This enables users to drag and drop images and text on a webpage using technology only recently developed for use on the internet. The intention is to give BT customers complete freedom of where images, text and “widgets” such as google maps and links to Tradespace pages are places on the pages of a website. 

BT has invested significant resources in ensuring that the ESW Pro continues to improve with every iteration, so your feedback is very valuable to us. Please inform us of specific problems you’ve had and we would be more than happy to provide feedback on these matters, and to build your suggestions into the roadmap for the product’s development if appropriate.

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I'll add my penny's worth

to start with, the BT telephone web experts that have helped me build my website using WSW Pro have been fantastic. any problem I've have has been fixed



building a website from scratch hasn't been a walk in the park. the help notes are poor  and lack a basic user's perception.

then, when my site needed a little push up the rankings, there is no checklist (except on google) to make sure the site has been catalogued for crawlers, analytics, site maps etc.

so, help sheets 1 how to build your site,

help sheets 2 how to promote your wbsite

help sheet 3 how to get traffic to your website

help sheet 4 how to intergrate Google's site requirements into my website

Power User

Hi There,


Hoping you will find this useful - here is a link to a quick start guide and an advanced features guide for Bt Web hosting.




We also have an SEO guide within our help and support pages, however later today you should see a new link appearing on the URL above with access to the SEO guide.






I too am finding the Easy Pro Wizard wotsits a total pain.  For example, I've done a contact form using the software template and for some obscure reason, it decided of its own accord to change the blooming font in two of the fields where there are text boxes.  Will it change them?  Err nope and as I'm not a super duper website designer, this is frustrating to say the least.  It would also be useful to alter the default font sizes on the form names too.  I'd also like to increase the size and alter the font of the menu tabs but noooo, can't do that either.


Any help would be appreciated!




I think you can alter the fonts in the form by using HTML tags around the text.


Likewise, you can probably change the menu by going into the pencil icon then View HTML source, and then modifying the code.


You will need to have an understanding of HTML to do the above, and BT won't help you to do this.