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Default postal choices on e pages based on weight

Power User

The BT eShop should be able to default to specific postal services dependent on weight and /or value. eg On my website I offer a standard Royal Mail option based on shopping basket weight.  However, I would like to offer my customers the option of courier service where the wieght brings the postal price to a certain level (£5.95), but this isn't an automatic default the customer has to do this themself.


Also I am sure that other BT eshop retailer would like to offer free P+P where shopping basket exceeds a certain value, this too is not an automatic option on the present system.


Master User

Hi, Thanks for your feedback this has now been passed to the eShop development team to be added to the development roadmap. Unfortunately we can't give you a specific timeframe as to when this will be released due to the number of improvements that are already on their way.

The eShop Team