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E-shop product variations pricing and order units


Hi All


We sell various products that come in different sizes or weights and this means they have different prices. Rather than put each product on individually I have added variations which have their own prices.


What I want to suggest is two ideas. The first is the addition of a text box as a choice when you are choosing your order unit. This would be very helpful as sometimes the order unit text does not fit the actual item that well.


Secondly when you look at a page and see a list of products with prices could ALL the variation products prices be listed as well.


For example


Arden Grange Cat Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato (default view) shows -


2.5kg bag at - 


£10.27 / unit(s)


I would also like it to show -


7.5kg bag at -


£25.68 / unit(s)


If you combine my two ideas together it would give a page view of various products that also have their individual variation prices shown in the descriptions as well.




Arden Grange Cat Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato


£10.27 / 2.5kg


£25.68 / 7.5kg



To get a feel of an existing page have a look at this page from my website and you hopefully will understand what im trying to get at.


Im hoping this makes sense






Master User

Hello Ian,


thank you for your comments.

To question one:


we will pass this on to the developers of the software.


To question two: you have already listed your product variations as a list or image view, this is the best way to show all different variations on the product detail page.


It is not possible to show all different kind of variations in this view:


You have to imagine that other shops have more than 100 Variations for example and it is not possible to show them all. Only the default variation product is shown here.


Soon there will be a feature which allows to put in: price starting at.... so customers would know that there are other products with different prices.


We hope this helps-


The eShop Team