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Easy Site Optimiser Use




Has anyone actually used EasySiteWizard Optimiser with any success?  If anyone has any tips or advice on this please post them - did it improve your site and its search engine rankings?



I am not quite sure that I agree that the "easy" description is entirely justified !!  I tried using the Optimiser (which only appears to work on one of the 3 computers that I tried it on, which happens to be the oldest one with IE6 and XP running).

Eventually it takes you to a point where it suggests modifications to the html code.  I tried this on one of my pages only to find when I checked the page online it had inserted loads of "A" characters with a "^" over the top.  Searching through the html code I found these to be    which I understand is a space definition in the code.  I had to delete them all to get rid of the "A"^" characters on the page.


Can anyone out there help please ?? - its driving me potty !! (I have only just managed to refrain from using bad language in this post!  🙂