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Fax and phone over same phone line


Hi guys and girls. 


I would like to know if its possible to setup a fax and a phone on the same line.


At the moment in time i currentley have a single phone attached and a the bt buisness hub via a filter to a single line, but when i attempt to add the fax using a phoneline splitter into the filter so both phone and fax work i get fax interfearance from other landlines. The fax is currentley in Fax/Tel mode and has auto-detection on. Is there anyway i can get this to work with a single phoneline or would i have to have two seperate phone lines, also how would i go about adding a second line onto my account. 




Edit: The fax is also a Brother MFC-J6510DW


Damien Delay






I had a few issues with adding a Fax machine onto a single line to share with a phone, there are a couple of ways of

doing this. probably better to know exactly what the setup is for the line and fax


i.e. Is this a dedicated line for the phone and fax at the location, or is it a distributed line to a location that you are adding the fax to


You could First set the Fax/Tel switch to manual, this allows you to answer the phone and if high pitched squealing then press the manual fax button to recieve the fax. this is annoying but does work.


Give me some more details on the line setup and I'll help you through this



Hi marstewart,


The setup at the moment in time is just a dedicated line that is used for a single set of 3 cordless telephones. At the wallpoint is a filter for the ADSL Connection and then just standard phoneline.(Split)


One of these things


ADSL goes to the modem and the phoneline goes to the 3 cordless phones. At the moment in time i have attached a splitter to the standard Phoneline on the filter and attached and the 3 cordless phones and the fax in the other. 






Sort of what I expected, anyway the easiest way we found to set this up was basically similar to yourself (does your 3 cordless phones have an answer machine incorporated), The recieve settings on the Fax machine need to be set to one of the following;


No Answer phone on the phone lines then set Recieve mode to Fax/Tel autoswitch.

If there is an answerphone on the phone lines then set the recieve mode to I believe its Answer Phone Connect


This is were you could set the Manual RX mode or Fax only mode


I found that having the Fax / Tel autoswitch set sometime when a voice call was answered for some reason the fax would kick in now and againSmiley Frustrated


Let me know how it goesSmiley Happy