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Save money with our new calling plan


BT Business Call Essentials is a Call Plan that gives you 100 minutes of free calls to UK landlines on every line every month.


If that's not enough, you can also add;


  • The BT Business Call Essentials UK Unlimited call package which gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines and unlimited calls to UK mobiles each month for just £10 a month on each line.



  • The BT Business IDD call package includes 2500 fixed IDD minutes (excludes IDD mobiles and some IDD countries) for just £10 a month on each line.

More information can be found in our help pages.



If you'd like to order BT Business Call Essentials with a new broadband, phone line, or mobile package, you can do it online at the same time as you order your products.

If you already have everything you need from us and just want to order BT Business Call Essentials please contact us.



Dont make us laugh .Thats £30.00 a quarter plus vat . you have to make a lot of phone calls to begin before you get any kind of saving back . We're not that stupid , BT think we are. , but your not saving any money at all with your offer.  Wake up and smell the coffee BT  managers. I dont think so.


When I added the £10 a month package unlimited it cost me a £150+ charge as I had to sign a new contact even though I was assured I could switch to this package at any time without charge. If your using the phone heavily its good value moneywise however BT is a terrible company to work with so expect significant headaches ahead.


Edit : Several of my existing phone lines had the benefits to them cut without notice and I apparently signed up for a contract without my knowledge which cost me alot of money. I estimate the true cost of the package to be £30-40 a month per phone line assuming no other problems arise.




Hi, if you are not satisfied with your current calling plans then as per my experience I would like to suggest you that offers secure and budget control services.