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Help - my old Website is showing along with my correct new one and one another half completed one!


Hi. I switched hosting to BT for my domain name a while back. I designed the website via the Easy Site template system and had a perfectly working website - till I decided the change it this week! I "published" it Friday afternoon.

I now have

1. My new website coming up when I go to google my business name. That is all fine & happy with that.

2. Also have my old website showing that I had with the old host despite them transferring my domain name to BT. This comes up as about second or third on the google listing. I dont know if that has been there all along but maybe it has & I have just noticed it

3. I also have a half completed version of my new website showing somehow and that looks awful as the boxes are all over the place. I have checked the "manage sites" area and only one template comes up so I am sure it is not that I have a part completed one as well on the template system.I thought it was simple but am I missing something here? Does Easy Site wizard have a gremlin?

If anyone can help ASAP that would be great as I usually sing the praises of BT Hosting but may stop doing that if I cannot resolve it.

Please help me

1. Delete the old hosting company site which is seriously out of date.

2.  Remove the incomplete part constructed website.

Any replies gratefully received but please use non tecchie language as I am a bit IT challenged!

Many thanks.


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Can you please supply a bit more information to allow our users to try and help you with this. The domain name and what you are typing into google to see the errors would be helpful, so our users can try and replicate the issue.





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These questions are more about how Google and other search engines work than about who provides your hosting. They look around all websites (with some exceptions) periodically and record what they found the most recent time they looked.


If your former host still has material relating to your domain or business, a search engine will find it. If you can log in to your old server, delete all the pages or leave just a link to your domain home page so that anyone finding the old site will eventually find your current one. If you cannot still log in to your former host, only their staff are able to delete the old stuff from their server. You would need to ask their support staff to do it for you. It may not be instant but they usually do it if asked nicely.


As for the half-built site, does that mean you put some of it live before it was all finished? It may be worth checking your BT server to see whether any pages with names you no longer use are still there. Delivering a new site does not delete old pages if they have different names.


Once you only have up-to-date material visible on your webservers, the search engines will soon catch up and direct people only to that material. Allow a few weeks. It is salutary how long anything that has ever been put on the internet may remain publicly visible. If you want to test things without having the whole world find them, try looking up how to use files called robots.txt and sitemap.xml. They don't make things completely private, but they do instruct search engines on what to look at.


I hope some of this points you in the right direction.