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Help required configuring static IP addresses


We have had a QVIS CCTV system fitted and have signed up for 5 static IP addresses which I have been informed are in the 217.36 range. I have used one of these for the router address. However when I look at my IP address on whatismy it is telling me I am on an 86.136 range.


I have tried to assign a static IP address to my device but it will not let me use a public fixed IP address as it is greyed out


Has anyone set these up and if so any help/guidance would be appreciated


Thanks in advance 



Hi TBCooke


what happens with our ip addresses is this,


we set aside a number of IPs 3 of which are used for setting the range and default gatewaty

that leaves either 5 or 13 depending on your package.


we apply a Dynamic IP to your router and hide the static IPs behind this for security reasons.

These statics only become pingable when applied to a device.


For example,  if you had a computer with no specific ip applied and went to you would see a dynamic.

If you had a specific ip assigned and did the same you would see that IP.