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Iphone/Ipad setup with screen shots

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Hi every one this is Michael I’m a member of the BT staff on the Live Chat desk,  I have had a lot of complaints that the i-phone set up guide on the website is vague and would be better with screenshots.  Hopefully this guide will be a bit more straight forward and help you get your email on the go.





I will warn that due to anti spam security that every provider has we can only guarantee sending on BTs network via wifi.

If you have a domain email i.e. what you can do is call up your mobile provider and ask for “mail relay” for the domain in this example “” you would then need to send using their outgoing setting



Ok here is what to do to set up email on the i-phone first you will need to connect to the BT WIFI ,  you can do this by doing the following








Once you are there click on WIFI





Then select your wifi network






Then enter your wifi password



Once that’s done if you go back to the home screen and again click on settings






From the settings screen click “mail contacts and calendars






Then if you are creating an account click on add account if not click on the account you want to edit







If you are adding a new account click on “other”




Again only if this is a new account – click “add mail account”


 Then what we need to do is to set
the display name :

The email :

The password : yourpassword

And the description :





Then click next


In order to make this work you may need to go into advanced settings then set up the following

s/mime – off

ssl – on

port number – 995

then click back





Then scroll down to outgoing mail server -  depending on your version of the iphone operating system you may see some differences here.


If which ever version you want to use the following settings



Server -

port – 587

connection type – ssl or  tls

Authentication – password







 Once that’s all set up click save or done and you will now be able to send and receive mail



If you have any questions let me know 

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Re: Iphone/Ipad setup with screen shots

Hi All,


If you prefer a guide that does not have screen shots but just the steps you can go to this guide too.



Iphone/Ipad setup guide






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