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Krack - impact on WIFI


I keep getting emails from Norton Security about a serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks).  Apparently they recommend updating WIFI enabled devices.  I wanted to speak to someone at BT to find out if I had to do something or whether this was covered automatically but trying to find general contact details on the website these days is a nightmare (even under the sub-groups they've created).
Has anyone else heard about this and do I need to worry?!



I am trying to do the same thing; i.e. find out from BT whether my router is vulnerable and/or whether there is a fix than can be applied.  I had heard about Krack before Norton popup windows started appearing.


I am nervous about this, especially as BT seemed to be strangely silent about Krack and the impact on its routers.  Mine is less than 12 months old.

Grand Guru

Hi all,


this issue is industry wide issue. All devices that run WPA or WPA2 may be affected. We're aware of the issue and we'll be working with industry to update software as appropriate.


At the moment, customers should make sure that the sites they are entering sensitive information on (e.g. passwords or bank details) are using an encrypted connection. You can check this by looking for a green padlock and https in your browsers address bar.


We are working hard with our suppliers to check whether any of our devices need updating. If they are, we will apply updates as soon as they are abailable.