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Low Snr on line

hi there i have a very low snr on my line and donno what i can do in order for it to be fixed its not the wiring in my house as i have plugged it into the master box and its still the same i have up to 8 mbps broadband the problems i am getting is slow network and packet loss because i have a low snr Noise Margin 24dB Upstream Downstream 2dB Attenuation 38dB Downstream 35dB now b4 i upgraided to max adsl my snr was fine somewear in the rang of 30-32dB plus the Attenuation with 19.5dB 35dB it seems to have gone pete tong so what can i do about this ?

Message Edited by AlanCunn on 11-10-2007 08:33 PM