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Hi - I seem to have had a lot of problems wanting to change over from BT Residential to BT Business;.... I have been told by BT Residential that I have to pay 168.00 termination fees, and told by BT Business that as I am migrating, there are no charges.  However, I also had a problem in that on 22nd November when I placed order to change over... there were delays and problems, eventually leading to someone transferring me to the credit dept side of BT and that was two weeks later after order placed, and being told they wanted an 180 deposit off me due to my credit report status..... As I am unable to work due to depression, I found this very upsetting and I had been phoning BT almost every business day for allmost 2 hours or more, holding on for various departments and people etc.  Two people have helped me a bit with my order - Jim and Luke, however today I have just received another call from BT to check that I am transferring my broadband and phone line away from BT ... I told them I am still with BT and just signed up for 24 payday loans online months with BT Business and then he turned round and told me that I will have to pay 168 termination charges.  This is really stressing me out, and I cannot handle this, as my income is 80 per week, every day now wondering what is going to happen with BT.  I have only just got transferred over to business on 14th December.... now I am going to be spending the rest of the next few weeks, thinking I am going to be cut off because I am unable to pay this termination charge of 168 - my income is only 80 per week, and the internet is all I have to keep me going.  I have got an Otelo complaint number and they have told me that I need to raise complaint with BT, I think I have already complained, and hope that it will get sorted out, because next stage is I am going to be asking for records of telephone calls that I have made and give them to Otelo - showing that I have been told conflicting information from BT all along..... I am so fed up with BT right now, I really am.





From experience - transferring to Business did not, in the past, result in the termination charges.   You need to ask your BT Business contact to resolve that and ask them to find the relevant information that confirms the exact position.


The deposit requirement based on your business status is also normal practice - we had a full credit check undertaken when signing up with BT for business services.     the deposit will be refunded in reasonable time frame - provided you pay you bills on time.  I don't know how long but again check with your BT business adviser.


So,   call your business contact,  build a good rapport with that person and get them to sort out BT Residential and confirm the exact situation.