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Router Keeps Restarting


I read this is a common problem so I'll list of what I have tried/worked through with BT and the things I've done myself and still this issue crops up.


The router itself seems to act like someone's turned it of an on again so it reboots and then reconnects to the net, during this time its inaccessible via the homepage so it confirms is actually restarting.


So far trouble shooting as involved


  • Changing filters (using 4 diff ones)
  • Running on Test Socket (Master Socket) with/without a filter, and with/without separate filter
  • Router has been replaced entirely (including a new PSU)
  • Wireless channel has been cycled through all now (After turning of automatically)
  • Have cleared device list on Wireless (We are in a quite country village though at the end of a road so we don't get a lot)
  • Tested in Different Power Sockets
  • Timed restarts to see if they line up with power changes (Boiler Turning on, Security Light etc etc)
  • Kept router isolated from other devices (no where near a TV/Radio, Wireless/Mobile Phones)
  • Had different PC's connected only (Seen Router go down when no PC was attached)

Here is a picture of some of the settings and a log after a restart (45mins)




Sorry for the big pic,


I'm really unsure what to do at this point, I don't deny that the problem might be a combination of a few of these things and the reasons why it doesn't is just bad timing, But with the router not sitting next to me and me working I Can't sit and watch it for days at a time to keep testing.


Any advice?


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deleted post.




Aye very random happened 6 times in the space of 1 Hour last night hence decision to make this post as well as ringing BT for the 4th time about this 😞


I'll give this ago and see if it happens again. I did wonder if it was a firmware update/communication issue, Although this router is only 2/3 weeks old now as they replaced the other one incase it was an issue with it.


Anyway, thanks 🙂 Will give it ago.


Sadly no, didn't work, restarted again tonight at about half 10

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What firmware version is present on both your hubs? (Settings, System Info, Summary)



Are you sure the hub is 'restarting' and it is not due to ADSL disconnections?

Go to Settings, Broadband, Status.  Scroll down the page to DSL Link Errors, and it should report how long the hub has been collecting stats since the stats or hub were last reset or power cycled respectively.