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Major Spam Issues since being migrated to 365


As a lifelong Apple Mac user I am always suspicious of anything which smell of Microsoft. Sure enough, after being upgraded to the 'new and improved' 365 platform, I have been receiving 450% more spam than ever. Your forums point out ways to prevent this using 'Outlook' but as a more enlighteded user who works with Apple Mail and Mac OsX, where Spam and Viruses are normally an alien concept, I am not able to take 'advantage' of this. However, why don't you just sort it out at your end first instead of suggesting ways for users to handle it. Your 365 'upgrade' seems to have turned into the usual farce which I see every time that the word Microsoft is used. I just wish for the day that a more enlighted ISP company who work only with and for Mac comes along and we can return to the Spam and Virus free world that I have enjoyed for the past 25 years.


Grand Master

Hi Dcgillespie


the Question is, would you rather get that 450% more spam and get all these Mails, or the server Blocks the 450% of mail and lose 1/2 Contracts due to them being identiyed as False Positives,


the old platform used to be more strict that is correct but the forums were awash of people saying, " I would rather get every spam mail, and filter myself then lose my Business Emails",


Macs aren't Virus free and is a very common misconception Yes there are less viruses out there for Macs, But thats only because mac have a Much smaller customer base then Microsoft, so why would someone creating a virus want to limit themselfs to a smaller Customer base, if Apple had the same Desktop customer base as microsoft then you would see an influx of Viruses