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Managing your accounts online

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Here's one to get the ball rolling...

We're currently working on improving online service self-service for BT Business customers. Please let us know what improvements you'd like to see - how could we make managing your accounts online easier for you? Any ideas you have for eBilling, fault management, online help, order tracking, delegation of user rights etc?

Or alternatively please suggest ways we could improve our helpdesk services.

Feel free to start a new idea or just add to this one.



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I reported a problem with BT's Website yesterday a response from econtact customer service suggested I call a number which was not only incorrect but when I was forwarded to another number that was also incorrect total time wasted was 11 mins. 10.5 mins was listening to BT's announcement that I was in a queue. BT get your act together and answer your phones quicker and take on responsibility for problems chase problems yourself and get back to customers with positive responses


Regarding your point about answering the phones more quickly, I shall feed this back into the relevant team and get a response for you shortly.





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Sorry to hear about your experience.  We are aware of some problems (too many!) similar to the one you have outlined.  To try and fix this we have a programme running internally to try and reduce the number of contact telephone numbers we publish to make it much simpler for customers to get in contact with us.  In addition to this we are working to make sure customers that call us get served quickly and effectively, for example we know customers don't like using IVR's, especially when they are badly structured, so we are looking at moving to natural language IVR.  We are also introducing "call buster" technologies on high volume lines so you can put the phone back, and be called back when we have an agent free to service you.


We are also introducing new ways to allow customers to contact us, such as Livechat from the website, through forums like this one and by email.  You can find many of these contact points at this web page -


If you can let us have the specific numbers you were given then we can get those resolved, but rest assured we are aware of the problem and committed to getting it fixed.