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My hosting company does not allow Keep Alive, how much does this affect my speed?




im trying to optimize for my new Wordpress site.The load time i get is about 2-3 seconds.My hosting company (Vidahost, shared, cloud hosting plan) does not allow keep alive function, now, how much does this affect the loading time? Is this something i should care about and maybe consider a move to another host?I used to get under 1 sec on my static site. so i never really cared about this, but now i im trying to optimize to get down the loading time on my new site.I plan to use maxcdn to improve my overall loading time, is this the right approach to go?


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Hi Bud,


Have you tried disabling the wp-cron within its config and setting up a system sheduled cron to fix it? This will definitely speed things up. Google search 'disable wp-cron cpanel' and you will find plenty of guides.


Keep alive on is better for the user accessing the site but in some circumstances can impact performance if the host node is under load/not optimised for what it's serving.


I'll try not to plug  too much but if you search for Krystal Hosting, that's who I work for and I'm sure we could help you out, jump on the live chat when you have a spare few minutes and ask away - Feel free to reference this post.

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Have you switched it back off and on again?