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No Circuit/Channel Available


We have 2 Blackberries on a BT Oneplan which we use for our business. On Friday of last week we discovered we could no longer make or receive calls from either of them – message "No circuit/Channel available" on outgoing, "this person's phone is currently unavailable" on incoming.


It only happens when we are near (within a couple of miles of) our office, we get full signal bars and we can use the internet, just can't make or receive calls. So we called and reported the fault. We were told it should be fixed within 48 working hours so by Tuesday morning.


Tuesday morning has been and gone and still exactly the same. We've been on to BT again who told us they'd reported it to Vodafone and there's nothing else they can do. When we ask how long it's going to be they can't give us any idea "but because you are in a rural area the fault may not be top of the list" . . . great!


This is hurting our business and nobody at BT seems to give a hoot.


It should be better than this. 



Hello Mackerg4,


Im sorry about the problems you have been having so far. if you are unhappy with the service you have been receiving with the faults team if you escalate the case with them they may be able to speed up a resolution to your fault.


the contact options for mobile service faults can be found here


Thank you.



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I also have the same problem yesterday and I hope it was a sort of maintenance check. Unfortunately, we still have this problem. I will let the technical team take care of this. I just hope it will be resolved right away. Thanks.




Mine started working again on the fifth day after it failed.