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Not Happy with Service


I am probably wasting my time with this as I have already spoke to BT on the phone and basically got no where but I was told about this site so we will give it a try!

We have been with BT for over 5 years now for our small IT business.  We have had decent service with a few problems but the relationship has been decent up until recently.  We recently moved office and that is when all of the problems have started.  We called BT as soon as we knew we were moving as our phones are so important to us and we are small so can't afford any down time.  We were told it would only take a couple of weeks to get things sorted out so we continued to look for a place to move and as soon as we found a suitable location we contacted BT!  We were then told that it would take 6 weeks so that left us in a terrible mess with trying to divert calls to mobiles and still manage to keep the business going- I know that we lost a good number of jobs in the proccess and BT was less than helpful after giving us wrong information.


That is just the start.  We have been getting complaints from customers that they can't always get through and that the line just goes dead.  I have called BT on this and they have checked the lines but say that everything looks fine on their end.  THEN- within the last couple of weeks I have been getting complaints off and on from people saying that the line seems to be busy when they call.  At first I didn't think much of it but then I was getting more and more so I started checking and it was coming up as busy all the time.  We called BT and they said that there had been some mistake with the accounts but the line would be up and running again in 24 hours.  32 hours passed and it was still coming up as busy so we called again.  They said that we hadn't paid our bill and that the phone had been disconnected- I told them that we have always paid our bills online and that we have a few lines coming in and it was only the one line.  Come to find out despite them having the correct address on our other bills and the fact that that they had been out to our office they had put the wrong address on the newest bill and we had never received it so obviously it didn't get paid.  The bill was only for £22 but it has costed us so much in lost jobs as the phones have been so dead!  We have been spending more than ever on advertising and had to let two members of staff go because we just don't have the work :smileysad:  Today is the first day it has been back up and running and the phones are back to being busy again- meanwhile we have lost so much money and spent so much on advertising because of the mistake on your part!!!!  I demand some kind of compensation for all of this- it was admitted that the mistake was made on your end and at least you could have done is called to make sure there wasn't some kind of mistake before turning our phone off!!!  This is just completely ridiculous and has costed us so much to the extent that we were thinking of needing to close after the first of the year!!




        Was this ever sorted?..