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Old users.btopenworld website


Hi, i'm posting on behalf of Richmond Mencap, we have a very old website ( that's extremely outdated. The main problem being that this website is the top result in a google search of 'Richmond Mencap' (above our newer, current website) and is full of old & irrelevant information. We still get mail sent to an old address not used for 6 or 7 years. Also we have no way of logging in to the website as the information was kept by a previous Trustee who passed away suddenly some years ago. As far as we can find there's also no Administration page where you'd go to login that may have a 'forgotten password' link or such.


Basically we'd just really like to get the website taken down completely or some way of editing it to give a link to our current website. Is there any way?



I guess you have to contact BT team to shut down your website completely. The reason you can't access it anymore is that your subscription is already outdated as what you have said.