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Re: BT Versatility BBM+ and V-IP Featurephones


Morning guys,


It seems that this is a far more common problem that BT admit to. I have a BBM+ that I'd been using to test various VoIP configurations in my office before installing it at a customers premises. Everything was sorking fine with all four options being available.


Before relocating it to the end users site I thought I'd reset the unit to the factory settings. Big Mistake. I too now only get two options on the 12 endpoints. No matter what I do I can't get the VIP or UM options to re-appear. Tried this on a different system and using different browsers and still no joy. As a good enineer I'd saved the original settings (when the module was working correctly) to a back-up file so thought that perhaps restoring this may solve the problem but alas, no joy. Also tried factory defaults and alternative configurations again with the same lack of results.


It's been a couple of years since the initial posting so I'm hoping that someone has come across a solution for this very frustating problem. For what it's worth, my suspicion is that this is a firmware corruption problem but I'd like someone to confirm this.




John the Frustrated