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Re: BT Versatility BBM+ and V-IP Featurephones


Hi Fiona,


Thanks for your response, however this is a BBM+ module that has never had any config backed up / restored - i.e it has been reset to default, had it's IP addresses configured and then i go into the voip endpoint types and cant select anything other than inactive or trunk.


I do get 12 endpoints showing up, however all of them only have two options.


I am running the latest firmware (189), and so don't think thias is the problem.


Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to Matt - at least I know I am not alone in this problem! I will let you know if I make any headway with it.


On another thought, if it is just the programming interface that is causing a problem, is there anyone that can send me a URL that I can enter to configure the IP extensions?