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SMTP Relaying Issues


Hi All,


I am trying to setup my bt connect email address on my ipad


I want it to be the same as the computer i use for my email so that when i send an email instead of it coming from my email address it comes from my domain name address (


This all works fine on my pc


I can send and receive emails on my ipad and iphone until i change my email address to my domain email address at which point i cannot send emails (the error message states that relaying is denied)


I have tried all the guides i can find online (both bt and apple) but am completely stumped


Can anyone suggest anything please?



Hi there @jonhancox2002 


What you would want to do is set up all your incoming server info as it is on the Mac/PC

then set the outgoing server as


Server name

Authentication - none

SSL/TLS - no

Port - 25


Also be sure that your email address has changed to your domain address and not just your incoming username.


Hope this helps




I have edited your post to remove your domain name as this is a public forum, and we encourage people not to use any identifying information.