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Speed increase - FTTP




I have FTTP not FTTC, I try and speak to anyone at BT and they have no idea what I am on about, I was originally on a trial in Milton Keynes but now pay, I want to try and get the 330Mbps package, but when I call up nobody has a clue about what I am on about, they say infinity is 80Mbps max. My line on the dsl checker confirms 330Mbps is available - BUT I CANT GET THROUGH TO ANYONE!! My line is on a large corporate onebill, I have spoken to our account manager who says 80 is the max, even though I had over 100 on the trial, please can someone point me in the right direction?


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Hi Cranky,


I have sent you a private message asking more information, so I can get a point of contact for you.  If you can respond to this message, I will be able to help further for you.





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I guess there are a lot of people who want to know this, but we run an internet business from home and because we're a mile from the FTTC box, our best speed is about 20meg down, 7 up.  Upgrading from Infinity 1 to Infinity 2 (non-business package) made no difference. 

Is it at all possible to get FTTP?  My postcode is B45 8JF, Hillside exchange, Barnt Green, Birmingham.

I appreciate we'd have to pay for it, and if it's very expensive, I'm sure we could get a bunch of neighbours to chip in.

Who do I contact to talk about this?

Thanks and apologies for jumping in on an existing thread.


FTTP - up to 330mbps (where enabled at the exchange) is only currently available through BT Local Business - this link will help you find your local office who will be gald to help you further :