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Starting Up With Web Hosting


I have been trying to purchase the Starter Web Hosting Package, and after the frustration of the New Customers Button not working, I have managed to create an account by taking the long route.


My problem now is that my login details don't work on the existing customer section either. Is this because I haven't set up my login? I can't set up my account as it asked for a BT Bill, which I don't have, as this is the first time that we are starting up a website and also our first time using BT.


Grand Master

To be honest, if this website is for a business and it's is your first time at building a website  count your blessings.


Google your local area for a web designer. The end result will be better than you could ever achieve using the free tools provided by BT. They will also probably way cheaper than paying for BT's in house web design team to build you a site and can save you money by pointing you in the direction of cheaper reputable Web Hosting providers. UK Jobs Scanner