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Static IP Address - Draytek Vigor 2860


BT Business line with static IP address. All working fine with the BT Hub.


Using a Draytek Vigor 2860 (various reasons) and can get connected fine using when requesting DHCP WAN IP address. It's set up following this guide:


However, when setting up the WAN for a fixed IP address it doesn't work. The only change made is to set "Fixed IP" to "Yes" and then enter the assigned static IP address in the "Static IP Address" box. 


Thing is, it shows as connected on the Draytek but there isn't any traffic. Line 1 information shows:








Everything looks correct but just no traffic.


Anyone any ideas?




Grand Guru

Hi FourCandles


Do you have a single static IP or a range of static IP's?


I am guessing a single with the sytmptons you are getting.  With a single static IP we auto assign this to the line, so when you manually set it in the router it connects with no traffic.


As long as your router using the correct username and password for the line, we will auto assign the correct IP you the router for you when it logs in.






Thanks, that sounds like the issue - it's a single IP address. The Draytek is using the generic login so it's probably not picking up the correct settings. Let me get the login details and update the Draytek and try it with Static as well as DHCP assigned IP address settings.


I know this is an old post but I have the same issue with two seperate clients, one has a DrayTek Vigor 2860 and the other a Vigor 2862 and both have single static IP addresses but neither one of them is showing the correct IP on the WAN connection.


The routers are configured with the correct BT assigned usernames and passwords but the public IP does not correspond to the static IP we've been assigned and if the routers are restarted they end up with another random dynamic address which means we then have to reconfigure the DNS at our domain registrar so that our mail server can be contacted.

Grand Guru

Hi there syntechcs


I would advise to contact the support desk fort these 2 lines, as it looks like the accounts are broken if the router is not being assigned the correct static IP.